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The Universe is waiting for you to heal yourself! Here's how you do it:

Can we take a minute to acknowledge that right now you’re ready to ditch feeling meh about your life and actually start rewriting your story?

  • Deep down, you know that you're destined for more. More joy, more confidence, more money, love, etc. The only question is how do you get there?
  • You're done wasting precious time and energy on the old-fashioned manifestation methods that just don't work for you.
  • You're ready to rewrite your story, throw out your old negative patterns and consciously create more joy, confidence, and satisfaction.

Dear One: You are an infinitely deserving spiritual being having a temporary human experience.

Unfortunately, however, part of being human is being programmed to think we are not as powerful and magical as we really are.

From when we are children, we start to pick up negative and limiting beliefs about ourselves.

We let the small-t trauma and shame from our past limit what's possible in the future.

And we go through life thinking we must not be worthy and deserving after all.

While sometimes you feel like the world is working against you, that's not really the case at all.

Your human brain is blocking the wisdom and power of your Higher Self.

And you just can't see what you can't see.

Right now, you can't see the subtle patterns inside you that are working against the very things that you want.

Get started now!

Who were you before the world told you no?

It's this version of you who is the happiest and the most magnetic, and powerful.

Today I'm here to help you access this version of you.

All you need now is a little applied magic.

Why Manifestation Hasn't Worked For You Before

You've heard that we manifest from our energy and that's true.

Problem is, most manifestation teachers only teach you how to manifest from your conscious mind. (ie. your desires, your willpower, etc.)

But what about your subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind runs 90% of the show.

It's also where all the old negative programming is stored.

Unless you take action to address your subconscious mind, manifestation is always going to feel like you're running a race with bricks strapped to your feet.

But with our 360-degree approach, you can break free of your old patterns, write a new story, and confidently go after everything you really want.

Let's heal your subconscious mind so you can effortlessly manifest love, money & more!

Introducing Recode Manifestation Academy!

Recode is a monthly membership program designed to help you create long-lasting and profound life transformation.

No BS band-aid manifestation solutions here! No crystals or vision boards or chanting under the full moon. (If you want those things, feel free to do them! But they're not what this program is about.)

In my own quest for heaing, I have done years of work on myself. I've also gotten certifications in CBT, hypnosis, NLP and EFT (as well as my BA in psychology). I use these techniques on myself and that's why I'm so passionate about them.

To create deep and sustainable transformation, we use a combination of my favorite coaching practices:

Journaling (self-coaching) is how you create identify blocks and notice how you are creating your negative patterns.

Hypnosis to start healing and rewiring your subconscious mind (aka the part of you that's manifesting without you even noticing).

Somatic practices like EFT (tapping) rewire new ideas into your nervous system.

This holistic approach ensures that we are targeting you on every level--not just on the desires in your conscious mind (which sadly, is where a lot of programs leave off).

Here's How Recode Will Help You:

  • Heal your old small-t traumas, programming, and limiting beliefs, so they stop blocking your manifestations (So you can stop limiting your future based on your past!)
  • Dive deep into the areas where you need the most work (like Boundaries, Love, or Money)
  • Discover the self-coaching practice I use daily to stay on track (So you no longer feel like an Emotional Ping Pong ball, never in control)
  • Use my powerful hypnosis and subliminal tracks to rewire your mind with minimum effort, every single day
  • It's like a Netflix-Turned-Gym-Membership for your continual spiritual and emotional growth!

The Recode Experience

Take a sneak peek at what’s included with your membership:

How To Manifest

The Energy Toolkit

The Self-Coaching Toolkit

My signature 4 Element manifestation process (The Manifestation Toolkit) is here to help you manifest anything you desire: money, love & more can be yours.

Learn the energy management tools I use daily to stay high-vibe!

Manage your mind, stop feeling like an emotional ping pong ball and self-coach your way through any problem.

Workshop Library

New Workshop Every Month

Audio Library

Get access to exclusive magical workshops to help you take your journey even further. Includes Manifest Love, Manifest Money, Conscious Design (for your home) & so much more!

Just like keeping your body in shape, it's important to continue your spiritual, emotional, and personal growth!

I'm here to support you in this by offering you a brand-new workshop every month, complete with video trainings and workbooks with tons of journal prompts, meditations & more.

The Audio Library is everything you need to rewire your mind on automatic! It contains my signature HypnoManifestation tracks, brain primings, breathwork, meditations. and multiple healing hypnosis audios. I’ve collected them all in one spot so you can grab’n’go with your daily manifestation work!

Our September 2022 Training is the Inner Child + Reparenting Workshop.

Is your Wounded Inner Child ruining your life?

  • Do you have big emotional reactions to small things?
  • Do you feel confused by your own strong feelings or reactions?
  • Do you indulge in numbing behaviors (ie. too much TV, internet, shopping), unhealthy coping mechanisms, or even addictions?
  • Do you self-sabotage ("forgetting" about your important job interview or picking a fight with your supportive boyfriend, etc.)?
  • Do you struggle to have healthy romantic relationships?
  • Do you have an extremely loud Inner Mean Guy or Girl?

If you're cringing on the inside right now, please know you're not alone.

After I started to work on healing my Wounded Inner Child, suddenly I could see the world was absolutely filled with people like me. And it's no wonder.

Many of us were raised by parents who were emotionally immature or simply unable to give us the emotional, spiritual, and mental care that we needed during our delicate early years.

Maybe you were told "Go to your room if you want to cry."

Maybe you weren't allowed to have your own opinions.

Maybe you weren't allowed to stand out or to take credit for your accomplishments or talents.

Maybe your parents used shame as a tool for control.

Or maybe you were parentified, and had to act as an adult at a young age (ie. taking care of your younger siblings, being the emotional support, etc.)

You don't have to have had a "bad" childhood to have a wounded inner child.

Most people have these wounds--and yet, they have no idea about them--much less the tools to heal them.

If you want to free yourself from the negative patterns in your life (and to just feel more happy, calm, and free) then Inner Child + Reparenting work is here to help you through. And it's available now inside Recode!

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of both inner child healing and reparenting. Plus I'll guide you through a step-by-step system (with tons of journaling prompts and hypnosis) that will help you to heal your Wounded Inner Child.

In This Workshop, You Will:

  • Learn why your old programmed negative beliefs are interfering with your happiness
  • Discover the importance of inner child and reparenting work and why it's never too late to begin this healing journey
  • Create a new relationship with your Wounded Inner Child
  • Gain confidence and joy from reparenting yourself to suit your unique needs and become more authentically, powerfully you
  • Much more!

  • Join us now to get access!


    AT OVER $1000!

    But you get full access for less than $1 a day!

    Why Waste Another Moment On Tired Old Manifesting Tips That You Already Know Don't Work?

    You are the magic, my friend!

    And right now, it’s finally time to use your power.

    Stop secretly avoiding the beautiful life you desire.


    Get started now!

    Your Instructor

    Jenn Stevens
    Jenn Stevens

    I'm here to teach you how to heal negative beliefs & patterns so you can access your true manifestation magnetism.

    A few years ago, I hit my emotional rock bottom. I lost my partner, my business, and my home overnight and ended up living in my parents' basement.

    It took me losing everything to find my way back to my own passion and power. And, along the way, I learned that subconscious healing is the true key to manifestation.

    Today, I'm a bestselling author + coach who helps thousands of people around the world heal and transform their lives, from the inside out.

    Courses Included with Purchase

    The Manifestation Toolkit
    Learn My 4 Element System To Heal & Recode Your Mind To Manifest Your Desires
    Jenn Stevens
    Recode Audio Library
    Hypnosis Audios, Subliminals & More For Subconscious Manifestation
    Jenn Stevens
    The Energy Toolkit
    Daily Energy Practices + EFT To Keep You Happy & Healthy
    Jenn Stevens
    The Self-Coaching Toolkit
    Learn How To Coach Yourself Through Any Block & Create Freedom From Negative Thoughts Forever
    Jenn Stevens
    Manifest Love
    Heal Your Love Blocks So You Can Call In Mr/Ms Right!
    Jenn Stevens
    Manifest Money
    Heal Your Subconscious Money Blocks So You Can Manifest Wild Abundance & Financial Freedom
    Jenn Stevens
    Optimum Health
    Heal Your Body Shame & Manifest Health
    Jenn Stevens
    Conscious Design For Manifestation
    Learn How To Use Your Home/Room As A Living Vision Board To Manifest Your Dream Life!
    Jenn Stevens
    The Confidence Boost
    Stop Living With Negative Self-Judgement & Create The Audacity To Be Powerfully You
    Jenn Stevens
    Shadow Work
    Heal & Integrate Your Shadow To Create Manifestation Magnetism
    Jenn Stevens
    Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve In Life & Set Boundaries Like A Bad-Ass
    Jenn Stevens
    Nonviolent Communication For Ourselves & Our Relationships
    Find The True Needs Within Yourself & Others To Increase Your Self-Understanding, Stop Self-Sabotage & Create Stronger Relationships
    Jenn Stevens
    5 Core Childhood Wounds
    Find your core wound to kickstart your healing process!
    Jenn Stevens
    Manifestation Block Workshop
    Find your block, heal it, and replace it! This workshop is ESSENTIAL to getting what you want
    Jenn Stevens
    Intention Setting Workshop
    How to set manifestation intentions the RIGHT way and start rewiring your mind for your desired reality!
    Jenn Stevens
    Inner Child & Reparenting
    Jenn Stevens

    Original Price: $1,452

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, monthly members can cancel ther membership at any time! (Just head to your account portal.) Yearly members are locked in for rest of the year. (But you’re not going to want to leave!)
    When does Recode start and finish?
    Recode is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. (If you buy the annual pass, you will have to renew in one year.) I add a fresh new training every month so there's always something new to learn!
    How long do I have access to the course?
    You have access to the program as long as your membership is active!
    What if I'm unhappy with Recode?
    I made sure this program is jam-packed with workshops and meditations so you get way more than your money's worth. Due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds. However, you can cancel your (monthly) membership at any time! If you're not sure about it, reach out and send me your questions. jenn (at)
    Who can join Recode?
    Anyone can join Recode! I tend to focus on women/female-identifying in my work but I am open to all ages and genders. This is a safe space for our BIPOC & LGBTQ members. An important note for the hearing impaired: currently, this program contains video without transcriptions so please take that into consideration before joining.
    What if I have another question?
    Reach out to me and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. jenn (at)
    Do you offer refunds?
    No, due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds for Recode. However, monthly members can cancel at any time.
    How do I access Recode?
    After you register, keep an eye on your inbox for your login information. Once you have that, just head to the login page and you’re all set.
    How can Recode help me?
    Recode is designed to help you heal and reprogram your minds to attract your desires. Manifestation is not just about thinking positive. It’s about healing your old patterns and recoding your mind for what you actually want.
    Does my membership automatically renew?
    If you purchased a monthly plan, your membership will automatically renew every month until you cancel your plan. If you purchased an annual pass, your membership will not renew automatically.
    I have PTSD/other mental health issues
    If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, I recommend that you start this work with the supervision of a doctor or therapist as it can become intense or triggering. This program is not meant to replace mental health treatment but it can work in tandem with your treatment.

    Is It Time To Stop Playing Small?

    Listen to your soul my darling!

    Recode will give you both: the inspiration to dream bigger and go farther and the support and mindset work to make those dreams a reality!

    It’s the absolute best manifestation mindset coaching experience for the price…guaranteed!

    Get started now!