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Heal & Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Effortlessly Attract Your Desires!

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Get The Tools For Subconscious Manifestation + So Much More!

If you're ready to manifest your dreams without:

  • Writing out your goals until your hands get sore
  • Creating vision board after vision board (and feeling depressed when they don't work)
  • Trying to think positive ALLL DAY LONG (and completely failing because Um hello! You're only human.)
  • Paying for expensive one-on-one sessions with a manifestation coach

Then I've got an important secret to share with you:

The true secret to manifestation is your subconscious mind.

I definitely did allllll the things when I first found out about manifestation.

And while it all worked sometimes, it didn't always give me the answers I was looking for.

I carried on like that (with inconsistent results) for YEARS

Until I took a hypnotherapy course for my coaching business.

That's when it all CLICKED

Now it all makes sense.

OF COURSE, just using your conscious mind to manifest is tricky at best...

Because 95% of your mind is your SUBCONSCIOUS.

And until you get that on board, you're not the only one in charge of your life.

There's the Conscious You: who wants to feel happy, make more money, have an aligned relationship, all the things.

And there's the Subconscious You: who kinda likes being broke, is forever afraid of doing anything new, and is constantly directing you back to situations that feel "safe" (even if those things look nothing like what you really want in life).

You can set all the intentions you want.

Do hours of visualizing.

Write things down.

But if you have not shifted your subconscious mind to match what you want, none of it will make a difference.

So What Would Happen If You Could Program Your Subconscious Mind For What Actually You Want Instead Of Letting It Manifest The Things You Don't Want?

To understand how to do this, you need to learn a bit about your subconscious mind.

There are 3 main ways your subconscious mind is programmed:

1. Repetition
2. High emotional charge
3. Hypnosis (Pssst: this includes your entire childhood!)

1. Repetition

If you repeat a certain event over and over in your life often enough, your brain will just accept whatever "lesson" it learned as fact.

That becomes problematic if (for example) you watched your mother date a series of not-so-great partners who left her feeling abandoned and heartbroken. Subconsciously now, your mind might think: "Love equals heartbreak". And it will go through life secretly pushing all chances at love away--even if that's the very thing you're trying to manifest.

2. High Emotional Charge

We all have certain lightbulb-intense memories of things that happened to us while we were children that still have an impact on us today. I call this stuff Small T-Trauma. While it's not the "big" stuff you usually associate with trauma, it has still created a similar response in your brain because of the emotions involved.

Basically, any time you had a need that went unmet as a child you probably created a protective "lesson" from that experience.

"My parents yelled when I asked for a new toy so I shouldn't ask anymore." "My dad is too busy to hang out with me so I just shouldn't ask."

We've been told that those experiences are normal and we've been taught to minimize them. But unfortunately, our subconscious mind remembers them all too well and might be acting out those actions even until this day. (ie. Never asking for what you really want, thinking that you don't really deserve love and attention etc.)

3. Hypnosis

You've probably heard about how powerful hypnosis is for changing people's lives. But did you know that up until the age of 7, your entire LIFE was lived in a hypnotic state?

That's because children's brains aren't fully developed yet. They're all just walking around in a permanent Theta (hypnotic) state.

That also means that they're EXTRA susceptible to picking up messages from their parents, teachers, friends, TV shows. Everything around you is basically all going into your subconscious mind. But when you combine that with repetition or emotional charge? It's even more powerfully wired inside your mind--forever!

In other words, it's the extra mental junk your brain trunk that's secretly sabotaging your best manifestation efforts

Subconscious Healing & Reprogramming Is The Secret To True Manifestation

You know that you manifest from your energy.

The problem is most people think their energy is only their happy, positive thoughts and intentions.

It's so much more than that!

Your energy is your thoughts and beliefs (both conscious and unconscious), your words, your actions.

So when you align all of those things, that's when the magic happens!

Recode Manifestation School

Introducing Recode Manifestation Academy!

Throw out the vision board babe!

And stop writing out affirmations until your hands hurt.

Don't you dare waste another second on Basic Manifestation Techniques that you already know don't really work.

The ONLY thing you need to master your manifestations is to heal and program your subconscious mind.

It's time to join the monthly manifestation membership that's like a GYM for your personal & spiritual growth.

Recode Manifestation Academy has everything you need to get out of your own way and finally create the life of your dreams:

  • Learn how to ACTUALLY manifest anything you like (No BS!)
  • Access to my full range of bonus programs, like Manifest Money & Manifest Love
  • Listen to an entire library of HypnoManifestation Audio tracks to manifest & reprogram on automatic
  • New juicy monthly trainings to keep you on top of your game, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will rule your life & you will call it fate.

- Carl Jung

Recode is the ongoing support you need to deeply shift you into the quantum reality of your desires.

It takes you step-by-step through the strongest manifestation process ever (through healing your trauma & reprogramming your subconscious mind).

It gives you both deep transformational knowledge and tools for manifestation, as well as practical grab-n-go brainwave trainings.

This is your one-stop-shop to truly create deep transformation from the inside out.

With new workshops every month, it's the ongoing growth and support you need to create your Best Future Self (& in turn, attract everything you want).

It's an unbeatable value when compared to normal-priced courses and coaching programs.

Just remember, that if don't transform your subconscious mind, you'll always be secretly manifesting all the things you don't really want.

This Program Is For You:

  • You're tired of wasting time or you're feeling stuck (aka Living the same year over and over)
  • You have limited time & money for expensive courses
  • You're not ready to work with a coach one-on-one but want to coach yourself
  • You're invested in growing into your best self and are willing to invest time on it every single month
  • You're tired of living life in your default setting and are looking for a way to create massive growth
  • You need a little extra inspiration & motivation to hit your manifestation goals

Recode Monthly

Here's What You'll Learn Inside Recode:

  • Learn my unique manifestation system, The Manifestation Toolkit ( My 4 element system for Healing, Reprogramming, and Integrating your subconscious to attract exactly what you want)
  • Start healing your old traumas, programming, and limiting beliefs, so they stop getting in the way of your manifestations (Live life with real freedom!)
  • Discover the energy work and self-coaching practices I use daily to stay on track (So you no longer feel like an emotional Ping Pong ball, helplessly moving through life)
  • Gain entry to my library of bonus digital courses, like Manifest Love + Manifest Money.
  • Plus there's a new training every month to ensure you're always learning and growing
  • Access my entire audio library of brainwave Hypno-Manifestation audios (including meditations, brain primings, subliminals, & activations as well as deep healing hypnosis)
  • Like a Netflix-Turned-Gym-Membership for your continual growth!
  • Cancel your membership at any time! (Monthly membership only)

Here's What's Included With Your Membership:

Included With Your Membership:

The Manifestation Toolkit

A comprehensive manifestation system, using my unique Heal + Recode = Manifest philosophy. On demand-video trainings to binge or watch as you need them! This unique program will help you actually shift your mind through hypnosis and subconscious healing.

The 4 Manifestation Elements:

  • Authenticity is the core of it all. It's about building your self-love muscle and listening to your desires. (Instead of chasing things because we think we should--which is what many of us are doing!)
  • Healing takes our focus to our past in order to discover what stories we might be holding onto that are actually creating manifestation blocks. (Without healing, it's going to be difficult to move forward!)
  • Recode is the process of programming our subconscious mind for what you actually want (Yes! You do get to control this with these tips!)
  • Action is how we make sure we're changing on every level! It comes last because many people focus here first! But action without healing & recoding will just burn you out from chasing and never quite getting where you want to go. (Sound familiar?)

(The Manifestation Toolkit is not sold separately. Recode is the only place you can get access to this life-changing process!)

Included With Your Membership:

HypnoManifestation 21-Day Programs

No time for deep learning & workshops? No problem!

I’ve created 3 deep HypnoManifestation tracks you can listen to for 21 days in a row to rewire your mind with minimal effort. (Only 15 minutes a day!)

(Yes, you can rewire your mind just by listening to these audios!)

Choose from Love, Money, or Self-Love!

Included With Your Membership:

A Brand New Workshop Every Month

Get even more juicy trainings every single month, plus access to existing working shops.

Your membership includes access to our bonus trainings + previous monthly workshops:

  • The Energy Toolkit (Learn the energy management tools I use daily to stay high-vibe!)
  • The Self-Coaching Toolkit (Manage your mind, stop feeling like an emotional ping pong ball and self-coach your way through any problem)
  • How To Manifest Love (Heal your attachment wounds, get clarity on your Dream Person and call in the love of your life!)
  • How To Manifest Money (Drop the money shame, give yourself permission to become your wealthiest self & call in financial abundance)
  • Conscious Design For Manifestation (Use your home like a vision board to manifest what you want)
  • Optimum Health (Manifest the body & health of your dreams)
  • The Confidence Boost (Improve & reprogram your mind for confidence)
  • Boundaries (Become the bouncer of your life and stop feeling like an unappreciated doormat!)

  • Included With Your Membership:

    December 2021 Workshop | Nonviolent Communication

    Question: where do you give YOUR power?

    Personal authority is something I've thought a LOT about over the last year or so.

    That's because I used to CHRONICALLY give away my own power.

    Does this sound familiar?

    If you rely on compliments to feel good about yourself

    If you're constantly worried about what others think about you (whether that's a stranger on the street or your mother)

    If you're a chronic people pleaser or want others to approve of your every decision

    If you require a committee to make choices about dating, shopping, or even texting (!!)

    If so, you're definitely not alone. All of these are symptoms that you have a Personal Power Leak!

    And this month inside Recode we're going to help you get that power back.

    Every time that we lack personal authority we are self-betraying: putting someone or something else above ourselves.

    And self-betrayal will always end in resentment or bitterness (at best!)

    My work is largely focused on helping you get back to your most powerful, authentic self (or as I like to say: Who You Were Before The World Told You No!)

    And personal authority is a huge part of that.

    Which is exactly why I'm so excited to share this work with you this month!

    In This Workshop:

  • Learn the simple four-step framework for Nonviolent Communication, so that you can start communicating your needs and desires in a way that they can be clearly understood
  • Learn more about your inner voices, where they came from & how they sabotage you--especially your voices Inner Critic voice
  • Discover how you can improve ANY tough conversation or relationship with the NVC framework (including what to say even when people are being rude or aggressive!)
  • Find out how to apply the principles of Nonviolent Communication on your own inner voices, to give yourself more ease & flow
  • Much more!

  • Included With Your Membership:

    The Audio Library

    The Audio Library contains the HypnoManifestation tracks, brain primings, breathwork, meditations. and multiple healing hypnosis audios.

    I’ve collected them all in one spot so you can Grab’N’Go with your daily manifestation work!

    These Trainings & Resources Are Valued At Over $1000! Plus you get a new training every month

    But you can get full access for less than $1 a day!

    Why Waste Another Moment On Tired Old Manifesting Tips That You Already Know Don't Work?

    Starting right now, make a plan to recode your subconscious mind to get in alignment with what you want.

    Because whether you join us in Recode or not, this is the only path to manifesting what you want!

    You are the magic, my friend! And right now, it's finally time to use your power.

    Your Instructor

    Jenn Stevens
    Jenn Stevens

    I teach modern manifestation techniques that actually work.

    A few years ago, I hit my rock bottom. I lost my partner, my business, and my home overnight and ended up living in my parents' basement.

    It took me losing everything to find my way back to my own passion and power. And, along the way, I learned that subconscious healing and reprogramming is the true key to manifestation.

    Today, I'm a bestselling author + coach who helps thousands of people around the world recode their minds to create their best lives, every single day.

    Courses Included with Purchase

    The Manifestation Toolkit
    Heal & Recode Your Mind To Effortlessly Attract Everything!
    Jenn Stevens
    Recode Audio Library
    Hypnosis Audios & More For Subconscious Manifestation
    Jenn Stevens
    The Energy Toolkit
    Jenn Stevens
    The Self-Coaching Toolkit
    Jenn Stevens
    Manifest Love
    ​Learn How To Heal Your Past & Shift Your Energy So You Can Manifest Your Next Big Love!
    Jenn Stevens
    Manifest Money
    Heal Your Relationship With Money Forever!
    Jenn Stevens
    Optimum Health
    Heal Your Body Shame & Manifest Health
    Jenn Stevens
    Conscious Design For Manifestation
    Jenn Stevens
    The Confidence Boost
    Build the Confidence to Help You Manifest
    Jenn Stevens
    Shadow Work
    Deep & profound healing through Shadow Work
    Jenn Stevens
    Learn How To Set Boundaries Like A Bad-Ass! (This course is included with the Recode program)
    Jenn Stevens
    Nonviolent Communication For Ourselves & Our Relationships
    How to use NVC to deal with your Inner Critic & improve all your relationships
    Jenn Stevens

    Original Price: $1,027

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, monthly members can cancel ther membership at any time! (Just head to your account portal.) Yearly members are locked in for rest of the year. (But you’re not going to want to leave!)
    When does Recode start and finish?
    Recode is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. (If you buy the annual pass, you will have to renew in one year.) I add a fresh new training every month so there's always something new to learn!
    How long do I have access to the course?
    You have access to the program as long as your membership is active!
    What if I'm unhappy with Recode?
    Due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds. But you can cancel your membership at any time! If you're not sure about it, reach out and send me your questions!
    Who can join Recode?
    Anyone can join Recode! I tend to focus on womxn in my work but I am open to all ages and genders. This is a safe space for our BIPOC & LGBTQ members. Note: this program contains video that do not have transcriptions!
    What if I have another question?
    Reach out to me and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. [email protected]
    Do you offer refunds?
    No, due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds for Recode. However, monthly members can cancel at any time.
    How do I access Recode?
    After you register, keep an eye on your inbox for your login information. Once you have that, just head to the login page and you’re all set.
    How can Recode help me?
    Recode is designed to help you heal and reprogram your minds to attract your desires. Manifestation is not about thinking positive. It’s about healing your old patterns and recoding your mind for what you actually want.
    Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes, monthly members can cancel ther membership at any time! (Just head to your account portal.) Yearly members are locked in for rest of the year. (But you’re not going to want to leave!)
    Does my membership automatically renew?
    If you purchased a monthly plan, your membership will automatically renew every month until you cancel your plan. If you purchased an annual pass, your membership will not renew automatically.
    I have PTSD/other mental health issues
    If you have a pre-existing mental health condition, I recommend that you start this work with the supervision of a doctor or therapist as it can become intense or triggering. This program is not meant to replace mental health treatment but it can work in tandem with your treatment.


    The dream of something better.

    And the plan to help take you there!

    Recode will give you both: the inspiration to dream bigger and go farther and the support and mindset work to make those dreams a reality!

    It’s the absolute best manifestation mindset coaching experience for the price…guaranteed!

    Get started now!