Ready to manifest MASSIVE abundance?

Need a temporary financial boost?

Or maybe you're ready to call in new levels of wealth that will set you up for the future!

Let's face it. Money makes the world go round.

But surprisingly--creating more money is NOT about working harder.

It's about shifting your ENERGY.

Are you ready to change your money story, for once and for all?

I've done all the hard work for you to give you a practical system of getting to the root of your manifestation blocks and elevating your wealth consciousness.

In this bundle, you get two of my most powerful manifestation workshops:

The Manifestation Formula - Where you'll learn my simple 4-step system for manifesting anything you want.

Manifest Money - The workshop that focuses on creating money magnetism

The Manifestation Formula

You get:

  • Learn my four-step system that makes manifestation a breeze
  • Start unblocking and healing so you can break old patterns
  • Feel confident that you can manifest ANYTHING
  • Includes: 30 videos that guide you step-by-step through the process (no more feeling confused!)

Manifest Money Workshop

You get:

  • Learn my five-step system EXCLUSIVELY on manifesting money and abundance
  • Find your abundance blocks and start creating space for the money to FLOW
  • Stop fearing money and become its BFF!
  • Contains 5 videos, workbook + healing audios

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Due to the digital nature of the workshop, there are no refunds! Please by aligned with your decision before you purchase.

Got a question? Reach out: [email protected]

What do I get with the Manifest Money Bundle?

This bundle includes two of my TOP manifestation workshops: The Manifestation Formula (where I teach you how to manifest ANYTHING) plus the Manifest Love workshop, where we specifically talk about manifesting MONEY.

Hey there! I'm Jenn: Coach, Healer & Creator of The Aligned Life

I'm on a mission to help YOU become your Future Self, through my unique blend of practical mindset and magical manifestation tools.

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